Purchasing a Diamond: The 4 Cs

When buying a diamond, the starting point is understanding the 4 Cs – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carats. Understanding the Four Cs will help you know the exact quality of the diamond you’re considering, and you’ll also be confident you are getting value for your purchase. The 4 Cs give you the information you need to compare the characteristics of a diamond and make the best choice with confidence.

Color – The less color in the stone, the more valuable and desirable it is. Even though some of these differences are not visible to the naked eye, they do impact the overall quality and price of the stone.

Clarity – The clarity of a stone is measured by the amount, size and placement of internal inclusions and external blemishes. The range of grades run from ‘Flawless’ (virtually no imperfections) to ‘Included’ (contain a significant number of imperfections).

Cut – Refers to the proportion and arrangement of facets and the quality of workmanship, not the diamond’s shape. Grades range from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor’ based on the amount of brilliance, sparkle and fire the cut of the diamond has.

Carat – The carat refers to a diamond’s weight. Majority of the time, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone. However, two diamonds of equal carat weight can have very different qualities and price points when the other three Cs (color, clarity, cut) are taken into consideration.


Certification of a Diamond

As a buyer, for your assurance of a diamonds quality and grading when buying or selling a diamond, a certificate by an independent laboratory is given. The most prominent gemological labs are the GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL and IGL. Manufacturers and retailers will sometimes offer their own certificates to demonstrate their commitment to stand behind their product. As a company, we can validate that when you choose a diamond that bears a trusted name like Unique Designs, Inc., you can rest assure you are getting consistent quality and craftsmanship.